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Ng Champa Super Hit Incense Sticks

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These Super Hit incense sticks have a wonderfully delicate, heady aroma. Authentic, Export Quality Nag Champa Super Hit incense sticks.

These Super Hit incense sticks have a wonderfully delicate, heady aroma - not at all what you might expect. Authentic, Export Quality - If you have never tried Incense before, start with this one and you will be pleasantly surprised. The aroma is delicate and fills an area quickly.

In the Far East, you will find incense is burning at memorial sites everyday of the week. It is believed that the smoke from the incense carries the prayers up to the loved ones, taking with it peace and best wishes.

Slow burning and the fragrance lingers a long time.

15gms - approx 15 sticks per box.


Made from: Coconut shell charcoal, sandalwood, jigit powder, loban powder, halmaddi, gum styrax, honey, perfume, natural adhesives.