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Owl Wand

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SKU: owl-wand
Small wand with carved owl at the top.

Small wooden wand with carved owl at the top.  Ideal for the smaller Altar chest.

Wand measures approx 23cm in length.



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Superb incense from the Stamford range. The exotic fragrance of the Far East iscaptured perfectly in this quality incense.

Each box contains 20 sticks and has a cardboard tube inner, making it very postal friendly.
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This tall pillar candle is in the shape of a 6 pointed star. A lovely candle for the Altar. This star candle stands approx 19cm tall with a diameter of approx 5cm.
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Sweet little Fairy's wishes jar, containing 2 scrolls. The first scroll contains a little verse with instructions, the second scroll is for writing your wishes on. Pop the wish list back into the jar and wait for results! Verse reads:
'Write down your wishes on the leaflet inside.
Sit quietly and close your eyes with your
truly desires. In a full moon night.....
The fairy will feel your wishes and make
your wishes come true.'
What a love
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Had trouble getting storage bottles? New, empty bottles for mixing and keeping aromatherapy blends. Essential for the storage.
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Clear glass storage bottles which hold 15ml. Ideal for storing pre-blended oils in small quantities.
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Lovely star shaped candle holders for mini, spell and all 1/2" diameter candles. Blue glass.