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Oak King Wall Plaque

£9.99 excl tax
SKU: CER13544
A lovely Oak King wall plaque from the Nemesis Now studio.

A really lovely, durable wall plaque depicting the Oak  King. Cast from resin, this wall plaque will look at home in any decor.


  • Plaque measures approx 15.5cm tall and 14.5cm across the widest point
  • Cast from durable resin
  • Wall mounting tab on the back

The Oak King: presides over the waxing year. At Litha he is triumphed over by the Holly King, who represents the waning year. The two two halves of the same whole: the Oak King is the growing youth who reigns from Midwinter to Midsummer.  He represents fertility and growth.  The Holly King is the mature man and reigns from Midsummer to Midwinter.  He represents harvest, withdrawal and wisdom.