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New Jade Runes

£10.98 incl tax
SKU: RUN12962
Lovely runes which are actually inscribed with the runic symbols, not simply painted on.

New Jade gemstone runes, engraved to ensure the symbols don't rub off no matter how often you call on their service. Each set is beautifully presented in it's own black velveteen zip pouch for storage and protection. 

The set includes 25 gemstones, 24 engraved with Runic symbols, the 25th rune is blank. The blank 'Wyrd' represents 'Fate' or 'Secrets that shouldn't be revealed' and is optional in a reading. 

A small booklet giving the meanings of the symbols and how to cast the runes is included in the pouch.


New Jade:  Emotionally Jade helps to reduce tension and worry and gently leads the way to inner peace. It is a protective stone which is believed to keep the wearer from harm, and to attract good luck and friendship.