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Mortar And Pestle - Grey Marble

£8.26 incl tax
Ideal for grinding magical herbs or resins.

Grey marble mortar and pestle.  Grinds the hardest coated herbs in no time at all.  

  • Stands approx 7cm tall
  • Bowl diameter of approx 8cm (internal, 10cm
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A 200g bag of natural, black Lava sand. Use in the base of ceramic incense burners to stop the heat of the charcoal disc from damaging the burner. Use to represent the element Fire in rituals and spell weaving or use to represent Mother Earth.
£8.99 incl tax
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Solid Brass Censer, used for burning grain incense and resins with a charcoal block. This delightful censer is ideal for a table-top, and comes with a carrying handle and hinged lid. Use a layer of sand in the base, to help absorb the intense heat of the charcoal disc and prevent any scorch rings on furniture caused by the heat from the base of the censer. Incense censer stands approx 11cm tall, with a removable lid and 'Aladdin' style handle.
£0.85 incl tax
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Very nice black, velveteen pouches with a silver coloured Pentacle on the front. Nice for runes, crystals, gifts etc. Pouch measures approx 10x10cm with a drawstring closure
£1.00 incl tax
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As well as possesing all the qualities of tigers eye, blue tigers eye is very calming and releases stress. It is very good if you are feeling over-anxious, overwhelmed or short-tempered.
£1.82 incl tax
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Quick Light charcoal discs for burning incense. Will light even in damp conditions, heats up quickly and evenly. Foil wrapped for freshness, each pack contains 10 discs.
£1.99 incl tax
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These small sage smudge sticks are very popular. If you are not happy to put a smudge stick out to re-use later, then this size is ideal!