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Mabon Wisdom Wall Plaque

£9.99 excl tax
SKU: CER13542
A lovely wall decoration which celebrates Mabon.

A delightful wall plaque from the Nemesis Now studio.  Cast in resin, this plaque celebrates Mabon - the Autumn Equinox, the second harvest.  It is a reminder of the changing seasons and the turning of the wheel.


Mabon: In pagan religions it is a time for reflection, for reaping the benefits of past efforts, for the thanksgiving of the bounty of Mother Nature, and the sharing of her gifts. 

In Wicca, it is seen as the period when the Goddess passes from her 'Mother' state into her 'Crone' stage.  It marks the weakening of the God as he prepares to pass into the underworld at Samhain, to be reborn at Yule. 


  • Plaque measures approx 21.5cm tall and 13.5cm across at the widest point
  • Cast from durable resin
  • hanging tab on the back