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Lapis Lazuli - 250g Bag

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SKU: Lapis-250
Beautiful Lapis Lazuli crystals in a bargain bag of 250g.

A bag of 250g of lapis lazuli crystals  Wonderful for placing in bowls around the house.  Use Citrine for happiness, self-worth, intuition.

NB:  The bag is assorted sizes - usually a mix of medium, medium/large and large - but may have other sizes included.

Number of crystals will vary depending on size, but approx 25 crystals a bag.

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Silver Spell candles are used in pagan rituals and celebrations. These spell candles may be used to honour the Goddess on the altar. In spellcraft they are used for psychic protection, clairvoyance, intuition and communication. Approx burn time 2hr
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Small black velveteen pouch with drawstring closure. Black is the colour of protection. It absorbs negative energy and acts as a shield for the contents. Approx 7x8.5cms
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This brand of incense cones are selling so well, we have extended the range a little bit and it now includes Lavender. Burn during love spells, or to promote a good night's sleep.
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A lovely, small altar cloth in plain purple colour. Ideal to use as an over cloth or centre cloth for rituals concerning Elemental spirits, psychic healing, divination, angelic work, reversing spells or inspiration. Altar cloth measures approx 44 44cm (17 x 17")
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These Refreshing Aromatherapy Incense Sticks use a combination of Mint, Sage and Clove notes. Use this incense to revitalize yourself and refresh your home.
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Beautiful rose quartz crystal in a bargain bag of 250g.