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Crystal Ball 60mm

£7.00 incl tax
SKU: BAL12977
A lovely crystal ball for practising the ancient art of divination.

A lovely crystal ball for practising the ancient art of divination.  Made from glass this 60mm crystal ball is nestled in it's own black box and cmes complete with glass stand.


  • Glass crystal ball for divination
  • Complete with stand
  • boxed for safe-heeping
  • measures approx 60mm in diamter
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Traditional polished rose wood ash catcher with brass Pentacle inlaid detail. Will take hold one incense stick. The incense stick is slotted into the hole provided, and as the ash falls, it it collected in the ash catcher. Keeps things tidy!
£1.06 incl tax
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Dragons blood is traditionally used for love, protection, to drive away evil and to clear negativity. These Dragons Blood incense cones are highly fragranced and each pack contains a small disc for burning the cones on.
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New from the Stamford range of incense, these Dragon's Fire incense sticks have a gentle rose fragrance. Designed to calm and soothe, each pack contains 15 long lasting incense sticks.
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Crossed broomsticks resting over a cauldron form this stunning crystal ball holder. From the Nemesis Now studio, the crystal ball holder is cast from resin and suitable for larger balls.
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A quick reference guide to the Pagan Year with all the Greater and Lesser Sabbats Tuck it inside your Book of Shadows.
£10.49 incl tax
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Altar size, mini cast iron cauldrons with pentacle symbols on opposite sides. Complete with lid and handle. Measures approx 7.5cms in diameter and stands approx 10cms high (with lid).