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Abra Melin Oil - Aura Accord SYL

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*** Damaged Label *** A potent oil for bending others to your will. Use for anointing candles, objects, in charm bags or as part of a ritual.

A potent oil for bending others to your will. Use for anointing candles, objects, in charm bags or as part of a ritual.

. Bottle contains 2 drams (7.4ml) of oil
. Anna Riva product

Created in the tradition of the famed Abramelin Operation, practised by famed occultist Aleister Crowley among others, Aura Accord's Abra Melin Oil, created by Anna Riva, is intended to aid you in bending others to your will. Useful on all individuals, it is particularly handy when working with spirits and other such spiritual beings, where it can aid you within your evocation and summoning.


NB: NOT suitable for Air-mail - only available to Mainland UK

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