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Wand Charm (Sterling Silver)

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SKU: CRM005948

Fairy wand charm in Sterling Silver. Measures approx 2cms long.
Fairy wand charm in Sterling Silver. Measures approx 2cms long.
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A dainty pentacle pendant. Works well with any style of outfit. Cast from sterling silver, so should not irritate the skin. Matching earrings are available.
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Bats are often used as amulets to protect against the powers of evil, and as good-fortune bringers. The upside down roosting position of bats has become associated with knowledge and re-birth. Wear this charm as protection against black magic and evil.
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A really nice crystal ball. Ideal for divination if you have the gift, or for meditation to help you focus and relax. The 80mm ball is clear glass and accompanied by a glass stand. Beautifully presented in a picture box bearing Lisa Parker artwork.
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Pretty, Triquetra earrings made in solid sterling silver - just right for people who react to plated metals. Triangular in shape, these earrings are fitted with a post and scroll back. Earrings measure approx 1.4cm in length. NB: due to health and hygiene laws, we are unable to accept any returns of body piercing jewellery (including earrings)