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Unakite - Crystal

Pink Feldspar, green Epidote and Quartz combine to give this very attractive stone. It is a stone of great insight, helping you to delve below superficial symptoms and reveal the root cause - which may sometimes come as a surprise. It is a very balancing and grounding stone, often used after meditation to place you firmly back in the here and now.


Unakite - Crystal - Large
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On a spiritual level, Unakite is the stone of 'vision', placed on the third eye it is believed to enhance psychic visualisation.
Emotionally Unakite balances, it allows the gentle release of long-term energy blocks. This helps to produce a calm and emotionally balanced state of mind.
Unakite will also help to release grief, especially if the grief is for the loss of an ideal, or a dream of what might have been.
Physically, Unakite is believed to support the reproductive system and is very useful for women trying to conceive, or for during pregnancy. It is very useful for convalescence from a major illness, and will encourage weight gain where this has been an issue.