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Spellcraft Sundries

Here we've brought together a few items which don't fit neatly anywhere else but which nevertheless find a use in spellcraft for various reasons.

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Cast from pewter and embossed with an Angel symbol, this charm is ideal for adding to mojo bags, charm bags, on the Altar or to carry in the pocket to allow her to guide and watch over you. Angel pewter charm measures approx 2cm in diameter.
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A 200g bag of natural, black Lava sand. Use in the base of ceramic incense burners to stop the heat of the charcoal disc from damaging the burner. Use to represent the element Fire in rituals and spell weaving or use to represent Mother Earth.
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Mabon is the Autumn Equinox, when fleetingly day and night are equal. It marks the start of the Sun God's journey to the underworld. This pack is based on preserving his Solar energy to see us through the long winter months. Kit contains a full ritual with suggested Altar lay-out and all the ingredients and equipment you will need to complete it. See 'more details' for a list of the contents.
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'Carry pieces of root in red flannel bag with a rose quartz crystal to keep your love strong'.
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Very nice black, velveteen pouches with a silver coloured Pentacle on the front. Nice for runes, crystals, gifts etc. Pouch measures approx 10x10cm with a drawstring closure
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A delight for the Altar! These apothecary bottles contain sea sand with the addition of the tiniest sea shells ever. A wonderful way of representing the element Water on the Altar, or for using as part of spell weaving concerning emotion, intuition, purification, psychic connection, healing or home and family. Try using the bottle contents in a charm bag or sachet, then use the bottle itself to store oils or for bottle spells. Bottle comes complete with cork stopper.
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Lovely small, rectangular boxes. Crafted from soapstone with mother of pearl inlay. Nice price and nice as a wishing box for the Altar, or for small bits and bobs.
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