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Spellcraft Starter Kit (Candle-magic)

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****New Book*** 'PRACTICAL CANDLE BURNING RITUALS' - Raymond Buckland A wonderful starter pack for the spellcaster. Everything you need to get you going including a full range of spell candles, anointing oils, herbs, spring water, incense, wish box, parchment and a very good, full edition, informative book to give you the Know How!

A wonderful starter pack for the spellcaster.

Spell Candles -
2 x Black
2 x White
1 x Gold
1 x Silver
1 x Green
1 x Orange
1 X Red
1 x Pink
1 x Brown
1 x Drk Blue
1 x Lght Blue
1 x Yellow
1 x Purple
1 x Grey

1 x Spell Candle Holder
1 x Bottle Spring Water (For cleansing candles)
1 x Pk of 3 Incense cones
2 x Small bowls (for Oil and Water)
1 x Soapstone Wish Box
6 x Sheets of coloured paper (2 each of green, pink, white)
3 x Sachets (1 each of pink, green, white)
3 x Anointing Oils (1 each of Purification, Fast Money and Come to Me)
3 x Packets of Blended Herbs ( 1 each of Prosperity, Love and Peace)
3 x crystals: Citrine for Finance, Rose Quartz for Love and Clear Quartz master crystal.
1 x Book "Practical Spellcraft- a first course in magic" by Leanna Greenaway.

This kit represents fantastic value for money and allows you to have everything at your fingertips in one go, whether you need it for Love spells, Money Spells, Luck, healing, interviews or anything else!

THE BOOK INCLUDED WITH THIS STARTER KIT HAS BEEN UPGRADED TO 'Practical Candleburning Rituals - Raymond Buckland'. A well known and respected Author. Hope you like it!

NB: If any item is out of stock, we will replace it with one of similar intent or use.

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