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Sachets - Lemon

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SKU: STC001366
Yellow is the colour associated with clairvoyance, communication and learning. It represents the element air and the cardinal direction East.
Very handy sachets to fill with magical herbs for ritual bathing, home protection or personal protection.

Light cotton muslin-type fabric, with velcro fastening and ribbon hanger.

Measures approx 7.5x8cms
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Small, plain white organza pouch with ribbon drawstring. Measures approx 5.5 x 7 cms
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Empty Boston Round plastic bottle, complete with spray attachment. Just the ticket for Body mists, room perfume or for antiseptic mist for the sick-room!
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A carefully selected blend of herbs chosen for thier wealth attracting properties. Each bag contains 25g of herbs for you to use in ritual baths, sachets, poppets, candle magic or as part of a ritual.
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Beautifully hand carved guardian Angels. Cut and polished from the most intriguing stone - Opalite. Opalite changes colour as you move it in the light. Full of lilacs, yellows, blues - a truely amazing stone. Complete with presentation box.
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Soothing. Helps to soothe and calm nervous tension, very good as a hair tonic, helps to control dandruff. Very beneficial for oily skin as it helps control the production of sebum. Note: Base
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Stimulating. Stimulates the circulatory system and helps to reduce varicose veins. A very powerful immuno-booster with antiseptic properties and disinfects and de-odorises. Especially good for convalescence. Note: Middle