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Sachet - Pink

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SKU: STC001368
Pink is the colour for love, friendship, harmony and affection. Very handy cotton sachets to fill with magical herbs. Current stock measure approx 10x11cms
Very handy cotton sachets to fill with magical herbs for ritual bathing, home protection or personal protection.

Light cotton muslin-type fabric, with velcro fastening and ribbon hanger.

Measures approx 10x11cms
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Mini Spell candles for the Altar or especially good for candlemagic. Through coloured, unscented. Pink is associated with: friendship, affection, romance, love, emotional healing, peace, caring and healing others. Burn time - approx 2 hr.
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Spell candles, through coloured. YELLOW - Use for learning, memory, creativity, concentration, solar energy and mental clarity. Represents the cardinal direction East. Approx burn time 2hr
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Pretty, small pink organza pouch decorated with gold stars. Gold metallic cord closure.
Lovely presentation for small items of jewellery, or for carrying crystals. Measures approx 5.5cms wide and 7cms long.
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Attractive white organza pouch with Gold stars and moons. A lovely finishing touch for jewellery or other small gifts. Gold, metalic cord drawstrings close the pouch. Pouch measures approx 10x12cms
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Simple white ceramic (porcelain) chime candle holder to fit all candles with a 1/2" diameter base (ie. spell candles, angel candles, chime candles).
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These small sage smudge sticks are very popular. If you are not happy to put a smudge stick out to re-use later, then this size is ideal!