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Rosewood Oil - 10ml ( Aniba Rosaedora )

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Reviving. A great oil for steadying the nerves - wonderful for exams. Has a seductive, floral, woody fragrance and helps to overcome frigidity. Note: Middle

Acting on the nervous system it helps treat headaches, nausea, nervous tension and stress-related symptoms.
For skin care it is useful for acne, wrinkles, scars and general skin care of all types.
Stimulates the immune system.

Blends well with citrus, woods and florals.

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Solid, through-coloured candles in pink. Pink spell candles are used in spells for love & relationships and for the healing of emotional pain & trauma. Burn time approx 8hrs.
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Mini Spell candles for the Altar or especially good for candlemagic. Through coloured, unscented. Pink is associated with: friendship, affection, romance, love, emotional healing, peace, caring and healing others. Burn time - approx 2 hr.
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Hand made by us, these mini spell candles are crafted from natural beeswax and have a burn time of approx 1.5 hours. Blue: Represents the elemnt Water and the cardianal direction West. Use in candlemagic for spells concerning Wisdom, Inspiration, Prophetic Dreams
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Traditional white candles. White candles may be used to represent the universal spirit or female deities. White spell candles are often used in spells for Protection, peace, purity, truth or when insight is required. White spell candles can be used in place of any other colour. Approx 19cm long Burn time approx 8hrs.
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Relaxing. Very sensual, soothing and comforting to the mind and body. Good for meditation. Helps to overcome insomnia and is an aphrodisiac, making it wonderful for a sensual massage. Note: middle
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Marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis). This ritual herb is used in spells to promote a positive, sunny outlook, for legal matters and added to a bath for attraction and confidence.