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Pocket Herb Knife

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SKU: ATH010374
Small, folding blade, working knife.
Small, folding blade, working knife. Wood handle, with a curved blade, this folding pocket knife is ideal for harvesting wood, herbs or flowers from the garden or whittling. Locking blade with side-release trigger.

Approx length folded - 10cm
Approx length opened - 17.5cm
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White Sage Incense from the Stamford Incense range, these incense sticks have a long lasting, pure fragrance. We love them!White sage is said to have many medicinal benefits. This incense has a lovely light scent, to soothe and calm the senses
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A nice, small plain and simple athame. Wooden handled with brass trimmings and a double edged stainless steel blade. Comes with leather sheath. Ideal for the smaller Altar kits or where discretion is needed.
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This lovely wand is crafted from natural wood, and has a carved Pentacle disc at the handle end of the shaft. It tapers nicely to a rounded point, and sits beautifully in the hand. Each one is individually made, but length is approx 33cm. The wands are finished with a polish, rather than a varnish, which is lovely.
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'Herb Magic (as defined by Scott Cunningham) is the use of herbs to cause needed changes. The plants contain energies - each as distinct as human faces. For maximum effects the herbs chosen for a spell should possess vibrations that match your need'. We have put together a 'Kitchen Witch' herb kit to allow you to have a variety of magical herbs at your fingertips without the need to buy each in large quantities. Included are 14 of the most versatile herbs.....
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Wooden ash catcher inlaid with a brass hexagram, also know as the Talisman of Saturn, the seal of Solomon and the Star of David. Measures approx 12" in length.
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Light weight, 7 pointed star candle holder. Designed to hold standard dinner or taper candles, but the prongs that support the candle can be gently bent to fit candles a bit smaller or larger. Inexpensive and light weight, ideal for those starting out or for a portable altar.