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Pentagram of Pan - Against Trickery and Mischief (GA2)

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Lovely pentagram pendant made to look like wooden twigs entwined with Ivy. Touches of green enamel highlight the pendant beautifully. Complete with chain. 'In Galraedia's sylvan groves, forest God Pan twists wood and ivy vine into an enchantment against TRICKERY and MISCHIEF. Pendant measures approx 3cm in diameter

Exquisitely sculpted Gothic Fantasy designs, finished in silver and gold, and enhanced with Swavorski crystals and enamelling.
Each piece comes with a matching chain and is presented in a Galraedia jewellery box with its meaning and origins explained on the label inside the lid.
At the edge of the unconcious mind lies an Otherworld, the Land of Galraedia, where shimmering myth shadows reality.

Pendant measures approx 3cm in diameter, is fitted with a chain and presented in a box with the significance of the design printed in the lid.