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Magickal Talisman

Talisman - a derivative of the arabic word tilasm but probably originated in ancient Greece from the Greek word telesma or talein which meant "to Consecrate." A Talisman consists of any object intended to bring good luck and/or protection to its owner. These Talisman are a joy to wear. The talismanic disk is inset into solid pewter to form a heavy medallion and photographs can't really do them justice. Each Talisman comes in its own presentation box.

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Elemental greetings card and pendant gift set – each card comes with attached corresponding Elemental Talisman pendant. Water: Represented by the colour blue and the cardinal direction East. Water controls feelings and emotions, healing, intuition and quiet reflection.
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Vikings travelled through Christian strongholds and their craftsmen embraced the cross, bringing northern artistry to Christian symbolism. The Scanda cross is worn to attract love and harmony into the life of the wearer.
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