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Jasper (Yellow) - Crystal

The Amulet - The Jasper family are known as the great 'Nurturers' as they sustain and support during times of immense stress. The yellow Jasper has all the properties of the Jasper group, along with additional ones due to the colour.


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Jasper was used in ancient Egypt as an amulet, the sacred 'Scarab' beetle was often carved from this stone. In the Middle Ages it was considered the stone of Warriors and was often found set into the hilt of a sword, to offer protection on the battlefield. It is still associated with courage and protection today, with the reds being the most 'feisty'. Yellow Jasper is associated especially with protection during travel and with protection during spiritual work.

Yellow Jasper stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd) and aids digestion, eases stomach complaints and helps with the release of toxins.