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Health and Well Being - Crystal Set

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SKU: SET000349
A set of crystal that have been selected for their specific properties to promote health and well being. Supplied with a pouch for carrying them in, and instructions for programming and cleansing.

The set contains:
HEMATITE The stone of the mind, focuses energy and emotions, balances the mind body and spirit.
ROSE QUARTZ Restores calmness and clarity after traumatic situations, helps to heal emotional wounds.
RED JASPER Brings problems to light before they become overwhelming, an excellent 'worry' stone and the stone of health.
UNAKITE Promotes recovery and regeneration after illness and encourages inner peace.
CLEAR QUARTZ Powerful healer and energy amplifier, stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.

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These crystals have been selected because they resonate well with the corresponding chakras. By placing each stone on the appropriate chakra, it will clear any blockages and 'balance' the chakra, reflecting in overall good health.
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These small sage smudge sticks are very popular. If you are not happy to put a smudge stick out to re-use later, then this size is ideal!
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Patchouli Leaf (Pogostemon patchouli). Magical uses: Used in love sachets and baths. Use in combination with a green candle for prosperity, may be used as a substitute for 'Graveyard Dirt' for spellwork.
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Blessed Thistle - magical uses: purification and hex breaking. Very good for ritual bathing.
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Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara). Magical uses: Used in Love sachets and for spells concerning peace and tranquility.