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Hanging Crystals

Although hanging crystals are ornamentally beautiful, when hung in a sun facing window they can create a dazzling display of cascading rainbow splashes. The clear spheres are particulalry good in this respect - mesmerising. From a FENG SHUI perspective they lighten the Chi in a room and so are very often used for that purpose in rooms which seem rather gloomy or feel unbalanced.

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Little crystal Angels to hang in the window. Faceted to sparkle in the light. Especially nice for a Nursery, but lovely for a car or any room in the house that you would like a little protection for.
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Fill your room with dancing lights!
A multi-faceted hanging crystal sphere. Hang where it will catch the sun and it will brighten up the room with it's wonderful display of dancing pools of light. Used extensively as a Feng Shui tool for lightening the 'Chi' in a room
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