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Ginger Oil - 10ml ( Zingiber Officinalis )

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Stimulating. Highly effective for stimulating poor circulation and helps varicose veins. Excellent for all digestive problems especially nausea - travel as well as early morning sickness. Note: Base

A warming and uplifting oil useful for dispelling indifference, apathy, lethargy and nervous exhaustion. Aids concentration and boosts memory.
Excellent for coughs, colds, catarrh, bronchitis and sore throats.

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Calming. Promotes calmness and serenity, helps ease insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and the feelings of depression. Useful to help relieve the symptoms of PMS and the menopause. Note: Top
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Green candles represent the element Earth and the cardinal direction North. Green candles are also used for nature, finance, health & home. Burn time approx 8hrs.
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Traditional white candles. White candles may be used to represent the universal spirit or female deities. White spell candles are often used in spells for Protection, peace, purity, truth or when insight is required. White spell candles can be used in place of any other colour. Approx 19cm long Burn time approx 8hrs.
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Lovely, small, silver plated altar bell. engraved with a Celtic Triquetra symbol on the front and back - this bell is small enough to be portable, or for the smaller altar.
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Uplifting. Has strong spicy, peppery, slightly woody perfume. Emotionally it is a warming, reviving, uplifting tonic, which also acts as an aphrodisiac. Note: Middle