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Essential Oils N-Z

We only stock high quality pure oils from reputable suppliers. Our range is extended regularly to meet the needs of our customers.

NB: NOT suitable for Air-mail - only available to Mainland UK

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Parsley essential oil is an amber yellow liquid, with warm spicy fragrance. The essential oil is used extensively for arthritis, broken blood vessels, cellulitis, rheumatism, sciatica, colic and flatulence.
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Calming. Very good for convalescence and for calming the nervous system for the treatment of stress related symptoms. A natural deodorant, it works well for excessive perspiration with mild antiseptic qualities. Note: Top
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Stimulating. A powerful mental stimulant which aids memory and concentration. It is invigorating and restores vitality when the mind is flagging. Note: Middle
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Closely related to the common Valerian, spikenard was one of the early aromatics used by the ancient Egyptians. spikenard is a useful oil for insomnia, nervous indigestion, migraine, stress and tension.
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Energising. Ideal for the treatment of exhaustion, both mental and physical. Stimulates the mind and improves the memory and the powers of concentration. Note: Middle
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