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Egyptian Amulets

The word Amulet comes from the Latin; amuletum, meaning an object to protect a person from trouble. Many things can be used as an amulet and good candidates are Gems, Stones, Statutes, Coins, Pendants, Rings, Herbs and other Plants, small animal figurines and even spoken words. However, they are generally characterised by having a form representative of their use - so they often take the form of a mystical symbol, an effigy or carry some sort of Magical inscription. Amulets provide their powers because of what they are, whereas a Talisman is specifically given its powers of protection by being consecrated, blessed or otherwise charged with the owners intent.

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The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol of everlasting life. It is the oldest, and most sacred Egyptian Amulet. Wear this Amulet for Health, prosperity and long life.
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This Anubis is based on Ushabti, an ancient Egyptian charm placed amongst mummy wrappings to guide and protect the soul on its journey. Wear this charm for GUIDANCE ON LIFE'S JOURNEY. Finished in antique silver, this pendant measures approx 1cm wide and 4cm long.
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The Bast Cat is the symbol of the Egyptian Goddess Bast, who is commonly identified with the Roman Goddess Diana. A symbol for Independence and Protection.
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Large, silver coloured Caduceus pendant. Associated with the healing and medical professions. Wear this lovely amulet to increase healing ability. Pendant measures approx 5cm long and 6cm wide (at the widest point). Set with natural gemstones, this is a lovely pendant to wear
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The Scarab is one of the most sacred Egyptian symbols. It represents the movement of the sun as it rises, peaks and descends through the afterlife to be reborn the following day. It became the symbol of the Sun God Ra and is worn today as a symbol of new beginnings and re-birth. This Scarab pendant is cast from Sterling Silver.
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