Delivery outside the UK

Although we have the theoretical capability to ship anywhere in the world, we do not ship to some countries either for insurance reasons or because in the past we have experienced higher than usual levels of fraud.

Shipping Weights

Shipping costs are based on weight and destination. It is generally only cost effective to ship orders overseas if they weigh less than 2Kg when packed although we do offer a carrier service to many EU countries and some international destinations. 

Shipping Times

Air Mail: to Western Europe - Normally within 3 working days, Eastern Europe - Normally within 4 working days Rest of the World including (US, Canada etc.) - Normally within 5 working days.

Carrier to Europe

Shipping times by road to EU destinations varies by location and is subject to change by the carrier services. As a guide only Western EU destinations usually take around 2 days, Southern EU around 3 days and Eastern EU can take as much as 6+ days.

PLEASE NOTE: We endeavour to ship within 1 working day of order receipt (Mostly we ship same day) but we have absolutely no direct control over shipping times - we are all at the mercy of the carriers for that.