Customer Support

Great Customer Support is our aim

We've been in business a long time and the provision of great Customer Service is a founding principle by which we operate.

This means you will generally be able to contact us by phone during normal business hours, though we'd prefer enquiries to come in through the the Contact Us system wherever possible because it is far less disruptive. We try to answer enquiries quickly but enquiries about orders and products take precedence over all others.

We do provide FAQ's and information articles which should answer the majority of enquiries other than order or delivery queries.

We try wherever possible to ship orders very quickly. If your order arrives with us too late to hit the shipping deadlines that day, then it will be among the first shipped next working day - we operate a first in first out order queue.

We only advertise items we normally stock and our real-time catalogue show the current stock status. By design, our ordering system will not allow you to order items which are not physically in stock at the time of ordering - this is an intended behaviour to prevent disappointment and shipping delays.

Where something happens that will for any reason prevent your order from shipping in our normal super-fast timescale, you will be contacted by a member of our customer support team to let you know why and you will offered various action options including being given the option to cancel your order if you want to (however, this doesn't happen often).

Our policy is that if we can possibly be of service to a customers, we will try to be.

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