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Crystal Sphere (40mm)

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SKU: CRY011252
Fill your room with dancing lights!
A multi-faceted hanging crystal sphere. Hang where it will catch the sun and it will brighten up the room with it's wonderful display of dancing pools of light. Used extensively as a Feng Shui tool for lightening the 'Chi' in a room

A multi-faceted hanging sphere. Hang in a place where the sun will catch it, and as it turns it sends small spheres of light dancing around the room. Wonderful to watch, very relaxing. If you can place it in a draught, it will turn unaided, if not then it will need a gentle nudge to get it spinning.

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Spell candles, through coloured. YELLOW - Use for learning, memory, creativity, concentration, solar energy and mental clarity. Represents the cardinal direction East. Approx burn time 2hr
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Very nice black, velveteen pouches with a silver coloured Pentacle on the front. Nice for runes, crystals, gifts etc. Pouch measures approx 10x10cm with a drawstring closure
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Rose Quartz imparts feelings of inner peace and love to the user. A nice state of mind to be in when you dowse.
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Lost your coin for your Wealth Toad? Your poor toad won't be able to do his job without it. We have managed to source some spare coins, so all is not lost.
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An incredible price for this good size, cotton Altar cloth. A host of white pentacles set against a black background.
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Crafted from natural soapstone and carved with a Triple Moon. Delightful mix of shades and colour tones. Approx 7.5cms in diameter.