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Clary Sage Oil - 10ml ( Salvia Sclarea )

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Relaxing. The sedative and calming effect on the nervous system makes this a very good oil for treating depression and anxiety. A sensual oil, perfect for an intimate massage. Note: Middle

This oil has deeply relaxing and euphoric properties making it ideal for the treatment of the feelings of depression and mental fatigue. It is an excellent emotional calmer and helps in the treatment of nervous tension, migraine, and stress related disorders.
The astringent properties make it useful in the treatment of dandruff, boils, acne and oily skin.
Helps ease muscular pains, high blood pressure, frigidity and helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.
Blends well with: juniper, lavender, geranium, sandalwood, cedarwood, pine, jasmine, bergamot and all citrus oils.

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