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Charcoal Tongs - Plain

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SKU: GRN009241
Metal tongs for holding charcoal discs whilst lighting. Handy for saving a few singed fingers!

Metal tongs for holding charcoal discs whilst lighting. Handy for saving a few singed fingers!

tongs measure approx 15cms in length.

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A blend of specially selected incense resins designed to create a particular aroma that will aid with communication with the Angelic realm. Use on hot charcoal discs to create an aromatic smoke.
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Frankincense is sap-like resin from the leafy forest tree Boswellia Thurifera. Used mainly for purification and cleansing, ideal if you are moving into a new house and want to clear it of any residual energy.
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Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) has been used since ancient times. It is believed to assist physical healing and promote feelings of happiness, strength and confidence. Myrrh resin needs to be heated to release the fragrance, this is traditionally achieved by placing a few grains on a hot charcoal disc, which are readily available today.
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Quick Light charcoal discs for burning incense. Will light even in damp conditions, heats up quickly and evenly. Foil wrapped for freshness, each pack contains 10 discs.
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Colphony (Pine resin - Pinus pinaster/palustris) makes a lovely base for Yule incense. Use for purifying and cleansing areas of negativity or during rituals for healing, protection, exorsism and money.
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Samhain Celebration Kit Designed to suit Solitaries from the novice with little or no equipment up to the more experienced. This Samhain pack gives you everything you need to celebrate the Sabbat. Includes re-usable items to help build up your stock of tools and easy to follow step by step instructions from casting your circle and summoning the quarters, to the short Samhain ritual itself. Click on the 'more details' button to see contents.