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Cauldrons are an intergral part of the Pagan/Witches toolchest.

On the Altar the Cauldron represents the element Water but is also used for burning grain incense on charcoal discs, blending herbs or for burning paper symbols in banishing rituals. In days of old, the cauldron was used for boiling potions, cooking and even for burning Yule logs. The relective surface of the liquid in the cauldron was used for scrying by our ancient ancestors.

Cauldrons come in many shapes and sizes, from small ceramic ones right up to the large, cast iron, pot bellied cauldrons. It is wise to consider the weight of the larger cauldrons, and their practicality on a small altar before making your choice. However, for outdoor gathering or larger groups, the large, cast iron cauldrons may certainly find a place in the toolchest.

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A Witches delight - a very nice, little ceramic cauldron with metal handle. Designed to hold charcoal disc and grain incense for the Wicca Altar, but can be used for a multitude of other things too.
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