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Calcite (Rough Rock) - Assorted Colours

Calcite is a great energizer. It is believed that just having calcite in a room is enough to clear negative energies and revitalise the atmosphere. It is a good stimulant for souls that have lost their way and have lost their hope and faith in life. Calcite stabilises the emotions, soothing stress and replacing it with feelings of serenity and calm. In addition to the general properties of calcite, the different colours have added properties and are good for working on the chakras.


Calcite (Rough Rock) - Assorted Colours - Green
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Calcite (Rough Rock) - Assorted Colours - Honey
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On an emotional level, calcite is a good stabiliser, it helps dispel anxiety, feelings of depression and lethargy. It is good to use in an area of study or concentration as it helps to focus the mind and filter out unimportant trivia, whilst boosting the memory.

On a physical level, calcite helps to cleanse organs boosting the elimination of toxins. It is believed to aid the uptake of calcium in the bones and strengthen the skeletal system. It helps blood clotting and tissue healing, as well as normalising the rhythm of the heart.
Calcite has been used for generations as lime in folk medicine, used as a poultice for skin conditions, ulcers, warts and weeping wounds.

ORANGE CALCITE: As well as the above properties, orange calcite is good for working on the lower chakras, is believed to assist the reproductive system, gallbladder and intestinal conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

BLUE CALCITE: As well as the general properties of calcite, blue calcite has the additional benefits of being a stone for recuperation. It is believed to lower blood pressure, ease anxiety and dispel negative emotions. Used on the throat chakra it will aid communication. It is believed to absorb energy, filter it and return it to the sender in a beneficial form.

GREEN CALCITE: As well as having all the general properties of calcite, green calcite is believed to be a mental healer. It releases ingrained programming allowing new beliefs to take form and acted upon. It stimulates the immune system, helps to relieve the pain and symptoms of arthritis, cools fevers and sooths burns.

HONEY (Champagne): As well as the general properties, honey calcite is believed to be beneficial for enhancing meditation and producing a deep state of relaxation. It is a good for using when seeking spiritual guidance and works well with the crown and solar plexus chakras.