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Bumper Sticker - Triple Moon (Short)

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SKU: PEN004722
Pagan bumper sticker featuring a white triple moon against a gold/purple background. Short length only 14cms long.
Bumper sticker featuring a white triple moon against a gold background.
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Spell candles in a gold metallic finish.
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Good solid, through coloured candles. Black is the colour for banishing magic, removing negativity, for mirror scrying, uncrossing spells and rituals and for deep meditation.. It represents the Male energies. Approx 19cm long
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Silver Spell candles are used in pagan rituals and celebrations. These spell candles may be used to honour the Goddess on the altar. In spellcraft they are used for psychic protection, clairvoyance, intuition and communication. Approx burn time 2hr
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Mini Spell candles for the Altar or especially good for candlemagic. Through coloured, unscented. Pink is associated with: friendship, affection, romance, love, emotional healing, peace, caring and healing others. Burn time - approx 2 hr.
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Lightweight cotton altar cloth with a central main pentacle and 4 smaller pentacles at the corners.
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Pack containing 12 solid colour mini spell candles. Small tag attached stating the main correspondence for white candles.