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Bumper Sticker - Harm None

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'Harm None, Do What Ye Will'. A little reminder for us all. The number one rule for all Wiccans

'Harm None, Do What Ye Will'. A little reminder for us all.

BRIGHT TIP! Dont' peel off the backing, use a little blue tack to attach to our magnetic holder and you can have a fresh slogan everyday!!!

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A firm favourite, Patchouli is heady and strong with an almost oriental quality to its fragrance. Just pop a couple of teaspoons of the granules into the well, light the tea light and enjoy the fragrance. Do Not Add Water!!
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Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis) is used for purification, love and to promote sleep. Add to magical sachets to attract love. Place sachets containing Valerian to areas of conflict to ease the tension. Place Valerian sachets on the pillow to promote peaceful sleep.
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The classic fragrance of Dragons Blood, now captured in granules. Simmering granules are quick & easy, and wonderfully clean. No sticky residue in your oil burner and they can be refreshed when the fragrance fades, with the fragrance oils.