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Athame - Ornate Greek Style

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SKU: ATH008742
An unusual Athame with a Greek theme.

An unusual Athame with a Greek theme. The handle bears Greek statue with flowing robes, in a brass colour, further embellished with a small red tassel. The blade is double edged with decoration running down the length of one side. The Athame has a hard sheath in brown wood grain effect, with brass coloured flourishes to top and bottom. An integral belt clip finishes the Athame off.

Approx length of Athame sheathed - 29cm
Approx length of blade - 10.5cm

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A really nice crystal ball. Ideal for divination if you have the gift, or for meditation to help you focus and relax. The 50mm ball is clear glass and accompanied by a glass stand. Beautifully presented in a picture box bearing Lisa Parker artwork.
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Lovely quality, solid pewter necklace Athame.
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These spell candles are made by the traditional dipping method and are fully through coloured. Blue represent the element Water and the cardinal direction West. Use these candles in spells for peace, harmony, intuition, healing & success.
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Can both absorb and emit energy. Stimulates brain function, brings harmony to the soul. Powerful healer, doubles auric field, enhances psychic awareness. Used for meditation, it helps filter out distractions. A good all-rounder.
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This is a follow-on book from Scott Cunningham's 'A guide for the solitary practitioner'. It takes you deeper into the craft and guides you if you don't have the support of a Coven. A good book to read from cover to cover and keep for reference.
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A really lovely crystal ball stand from the Nemesis Now studio. Three crescent moons decorated with Celtic knot work and studded with faux jewells support the ball. The base is similarly decorated with knot work and faux jewels, with a Pentagram design at the centre. The stand will support balls from approx 70mm up to about 120mm in diamter. Crafted from dark grey, slate-effect resin and measures approx 10cm in diamter and stands approx 7cm tall.