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Agate (Green Moss) - Crystal

This is said to refresh the soul. Strongly connected to nature, it will help you appreciate the beauty of the things around you. Improves self-esteem and helps to release fear and deep-seated stress.


Agate (Green Moss) - Crystal - Large
£0.91 excl tax
Agate (Green Moss) - Crystal - Medium
£0.66 excl tax
Agate (Green Moss) - Crystal - Small
£0.42 excl tax
Agate (Green Moss) - Crystal - Very Large
£1.04 excl tax
It encourages team spirit and gives you the courage to 'try one last time'. An optimistic stone, helpful for anyone suffering from depression. Encourages communication.

Speeds recovery, anti-inflammatory, cleanses the circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Treats infections, colds and flu and lowers temperatures.
For something a bit different, try standing a few crystals on one of our mirrors to make a lovely ornamental display.