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Agate (Botswana) - Crystal

A soothing and calming stone that brings great strength. It works slowly and gently bringing hidden problems to the surface. It helps you learn to accept yourself, and with that comes greater self-confidence. It aids mental function and enhances concentration, perception and analytical abilities.


Agate (Botswana) - Crystal - Large
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Agate (Botswana) - Crystal - Medium
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Agate (Botswana) - Crystal - Very Large
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Emotionally, Agate helps to overcome inner anger and bitterness, it soothes emotional trauma and through meditation it encourages spiritual growth.
Botswana Agate is very useful for those who want to quit smoking. It gently overcomes repression and fosters a feeling of security.
Physically, it aids the circulatory system, eases depression, and stimulates the digestive system. It stimulates the crown chakra.