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Hematite Tablet - Pendant (Unisex)

Good size, thick, chunky hematite tablet. A wonderful crystal for protection, this Hematite pendant will be equally at home on a male or female. Fitted with black cotton cord complete with adjusting chain, the hematite tablet measures approx 2cm wide, 4cm long and 1cm deep.

HEMATITE: is believed to be associated with psychic awareness. This metallic looking crystal is very grounding, and helps shield the aura by absorbing and dispersing negative energy.

Product Code: JWL009685

Was: £6.59 Now only: £5.25

You Save:  £1.34    (20.33%)

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Bath Spell - Hope (NEW)

A spell for when life is getting you down and problems feel insurmountable. Done in the privacy of your own bathroom, this pack includes everything you need. From the bath salts - specially selected for the magical properties of the essential oils used, to the guided visualisation to help you get the most from your kit. No special knowledge or experience needed, we guide you every step of the way.

Product Code: SPL009246

Was: £4.49 Now only: £3.59

You Save:  £0.90    (20.04%)

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Kindred Spirit Magazine - March/April 2016

The latest copy of the Kindred Spirit Magazine, hot off the press.

This issue:
. Neale Donald - On love and relationships
. The Rites of Eostre
. Switchwords - How to talk directly to your subconscious
. 8 Steps for dealing with conflict
. Get Creative - with vision boards

Product Code: BKS009229

Was: £3.95 Now only: £2.95

You Save:  £1.00    (25.32%)

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Wizard's Spell - Incense Sticks

*** INTRODUCTORY OFFER - Limited Time Only ***

The enchanting aroma of Patchouli is at the heart of this exotic incense. Bring a breath of the fragrant Far-East into your home...

Each box contains 15 sticks of high quality incense.

Product Code: INC011409

Was: £1.05 Now only: £0.85

You Save:  £0.20    (19.05%)

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