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These talisman and amulets have great significance to those following the wiccan path. They are all beautifully made and presented.

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Athame Pendant - Channelling Desire (Sterling Silver)

The Athame is the witches' ceremonial knife. It directs magical energy and is personal to every witch. Magical inscriptions on the opposing sides of the blade engage unseen helpers. Wear this charm for channelling desires.

Product Code: SC3

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Draco Pentagram - Discover true will

Double winged dragons, tails entwined, quicken with Earthfire, energising the pentagrams five elements and circle of infinity.Wear this amulet to contact with the higher spirit and discover true will.

Product Code: SC16

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Enchantress - Dreaming and Achieving

Adventuring into the night, skyclad and proud. The Enchantress eargely anticipates the Sabbats revelry and magic. Her eternal beauty and sensuality captivate the Spirit of the Four Wands. Wear this amulet for dreaming and achieving goals.

Product Code: SC12

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Flight Of The Goddess - Awareness And Knowledge

A whisper of shadow, soft wings in the dusk, the owl warns of approaching danger and sharpens inner and outer vision. Under a crescent moon, she files swift through the Greenwood to capture the truth.

. Crafted from a lead-free alloy and accented with faux pearl
. Fitted with black cord and presented in a green satin pouch
. Charm measures approx 4.5cms long and 4cm across.
. Explanation booklet enclosed in packaging

Product Code: GW11

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Green Man - Planetary Energy (Sterling Silver)

Arising from the Greenwood, The Green Man is a sacred being of primordial leaf and bough. The Green Man's foilage mask peers forth from forest glade and in mediaeval church carvings is the used as a protective spirit. Wear this charm to summon planetary energy

Product Code: SC6

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Heptagram - Protection from Hidden Danger

Seven is a very sacred and mystical number, it relates to the seven seas, seven continents, seven original planets and the blessed seventh child. The seven star rays contact the Cosmos and you should use this charm for protection from hidden danger.

Product Code: SC4

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Herne the Hunter - Justice and Respect

Herne, the great hunter of Windsor Forest, servant of King Richard the II, fearlessly disregarding his own safety to protect his master, grievously wounded and finally betrayed by those he trusted, took his own life by hanging himself from a great oak in the forest. Legend has it that Herne, having demanded justice for his unhappy ending, gallops the night sky collecting lost souls and appears beneath the oak when a sovereign is unjust, as a reminder to all of honesty, justice and fairplay.

Product Code: GW04

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Mandrake - Power and Attraction (Sterling Silver)

In magical lore, the mandrake, when pulled, reveals a little man. Harvested at its most magical time, the mandrake is a hallucinatory drug and rare magical love potion. Use this charm to bring power and love into your life.

Product Code: SC1

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Pan - Irresistable Magnatism (FI49)

Lead-free pewter and Swarovski Crystal pendants, from the world of myth, legend and fantasy.
PAN: In the woodlands of Arcady, the wild forces of nature hauntingly echo in Pan"s piped refrain.

Wear this charm for irresistible magnetism!

Product Code: FI49

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Sword in the Green - Magical Protection

This magical sword, crafted from strong metal and set with crystal charm, lies safely hidden in a Greenwood glade of flowers and sunlight. A most powerful weapon of Herne the Hunter, it remains unseen by those who would misuse it's perfect power.

Product Code: GW14

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