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Voodoo Charms



The word "voodoo" is derived from the West African word "vodun," meaning spirit. It is not the dark, violent religion, practicing bizzare rituals, painted by Hollywood (which incidentally is where the common name Voodoo came from rather than the more correct Vodun). Vodun has been practiced in one form or another in Africa for millenia and indeed has probably been around since the beginning of human civilization. Within vodun teachings there are no accidents - practitioners believe that nothing has a life of its own but rather is intertwined with and interdependent on everything else. Vodun recognises various dieties or Loas, and ancestors play a fundamental part of the traditions being now a part of the world of the spirits, of the Loas. We have all probably heard of Voodoo dolls and many would view these as evil creations but in fact these dolls are used for many purposes (to attract love, keep someone faithful etc. People do evil, not dolls).

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Voodoo Charm - Fertility

This is a very strong charm for encouraging fertility and can be used by either a man or woman. The Voodoo Fertility Charm is extremely effective when kept under the pillow during lovemaking. Loa Damballah has the natural power, energy and force to create lightening and Voodoo practitioners use this Loa's potency to help conceive.

Product Code: VC3

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Voodoo Charm - Guidance from Ancestors

With this Voodoo Charm Loa Guede can request that a watchful eye is placed on you from above, but cannot decide what contact is made, so be open to receiving a message from a deceased love one.

Product Code: VC12

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Voodoo Charm - Healing

This calming Voodoo Charm invites you into a healing sanctuary. When you feel a gust of strong wind or notice a beautiful butterfly, be sure that your prayers are being answered. Dedicated to Loa Loco.

Product Code: VC2

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Voodoo Charm - Love

The most loved of all the Loa, Erzulie grants generous pleasure and true love to the wearer of this Voodoo Charm.

Product Code: VC11

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Voodoo Charm - Protection on Journeys

Guardian of the seas, Loa Agwe is master of the sacred underworld. With this Voodoo Charm, Agwe will keep watchful of your journey, whether over land or sea.

Product Code: VC8

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Voodoo Charm - Reap Power

This Voodoo Charm is carried by Voodoo doctors to acheive high power during ceremonies. Carry it you to achieve great heights of magickal energy.

Product Code: VC7

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