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Pentacle & Pentagram



The Pentagram is sadly seen by Christians and some other cultures as a 'sign of the devil' which is a bit strange since it predates christianity and has nothing at all to do with 'The Devil' which is a christian invention. The symbol is actually a very protective sigil with the five points of the Pentagram represent the four elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth, with the fifth representing the Spirit.

When the pentagram is inverted, it represents the Horned God (again he is not a devil, nor is he evil), and when the pentagram is encircled, it is known as the Pentacle with the circle representing a 'wholeness', 'oneness' or the circle of eternity.

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1st Degree Pendant - Sterling Silver

Wiccan 1st Degree symbol in Sterling Silver.

Product Code: PJW000948

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2nd Degree Pentagram (Wicca) - Sterling Silver

The Pentagram symbol for 2nd degree initiates within the Wicca faith.

Product Code: PGN002347

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3rd Degree Pentagram - Sterling Silver

A very distinctive pentagram worn by wiccans that have passed to the 3rd degree of training within the faith.

Product Code: PGN002348

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Baphomet - Forbidden (FB1)

A symbol of Black Magic to many, the goat of Mendes was an intrinsic part of the Black Sabbath. However the fire torch between its horns reveals its deeper meaning of the perpetual struggle between Light with Darkness.

Supplied with an 18" chain, and presented in an attractive velvet pouch

Unless you are already experienced with the Magickal Arts, this Talisman should not be empowered.

Product Code: FB1

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Celtic Pentacle - Eternity (Sterling Silver)

Delicately cast sterling silver pentagram intertwined with the celtic wheel of eternity. All enclosed in a protective circle. A lovely pendant for a Pagan.

Product Code: PGN002067

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Celtic Pentagram

This intricate Celtic pentagram symbolises the endless intertwining of life with the circle of infinity.

Product Code: PR4

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Chunky Pentacle (Sterling Silver)

A very nice chunky-looking Pentacle pendant, with interlocking pentagram. Crafted from Sterling Silver, with a fixed bail.

Product Code: PGN002482

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Cross Of Dark Light - Forbidden (FB19)

Constructed around the most profound symbol in the Lesser Key of Solomon, the creative light of the Holy Tetragramaton, inscribed in the central Pentagram. Reputed to bestow upon it's wearer the power to see Darkness where others see Light, and light where others see Darkness.

Use this pendant for illumination.

* Can be hung both ways.

Product Code: PGN006207

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Earth Dragon - Protection From Betrayal (GA10)

At the edge of the unconcious mind lies an Otherworld, the Land of Galraedia, where shimmering myth shadows reality.

Earth Dragon: Pentagrams magic and skill clasped secure within the Dragons's legendandary might, manifests PROTECTION FROM BETRAYAL.

Product Code: GA10

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Inverted Pentagram Pendant - Pewter

An unusual pendant cast in solid pewter. The interwoven, inverted pentagram is suspended by two points, and fitted with black cotton cord.

Inverted Pentagram pendant measures approx 5cms in diameter.

Product Code: PGN008059

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