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Magickal Charms



Almost anything can be used as a charm, but like amulets they generally take a form representative of their intent. Charms can be thought of as devices for attraction - So a heart might be used to attract love, a horse shoe, good luck, Thors Hammer, power and protection, a Dove, peace and so on. It's what an object symbolises to the wearer which is important. Charms are generally quite small, often unobtrusive and can be worn as a pendant or on the wrist as a bracelet, around the ankle, suspended from a belt around the waist, or even carried on a handbag, purse or a mobile phone - something that will be with you most of the time.

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Owl - Wisdom and Psychic Ability (FI55)

Lead-free pewter and Swarovski Crystal pendants, from the world of myth, legend and fantasy.

OWL: Bird of prey, sacred to the night, glides through the otherworlds, with supernatural, all-seeing eyes.

Wear this pendant for Wisdom and Psychic ability.

Product Code: CHR006253

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Star Charm - Tree of Life - Knowledge and Wisdom

The Tree of Life represents all aspects of humanity and the Universe. Wear this charm to increase wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Product Code: B88

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Dragon - Wealth and Knowledge (FI53)

Lead-free pewter and Swarovski Crystal pendants, from the world of myth, legend and fantasy.

DRAGON: Elemental beast, guardian of the Earth and protector of hidden gold, the mythical Dragon harnesses magic.

Wear this Pendant to attract wealth and knowledge.

Product Code: WIC006230

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Magical Charm - Good Fortune (Antiqued Brass and Copper)

Originates from the Key of Solomon (the famous book of magical law) and faithfully reproduces a Medieval amulet housed in the Warsaw museum.

This powerful charm should be worn to draw on the wisdom of the old and bring good fortune into the life of the wearer.

Product Code: MA42

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Travellers Charm - Bronze

This stunning travellers pendant is cast from bronze. The design on the front of the pendant was taken from the Lillbjars picture stone dating back to the 8th Century and found in Sweden.
The back of the pendant has a runic inscription which translates to:
'Venture forth safe from harm'

Fitted with black cotton cord and beautifully boxed - a delightful gift.

Product Code: BZP50

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