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Chunky Gemstone



Polished chunks of natural crsytal pendants, fitted with cotton thong a lovely way to keep your crystals close to the skin and benefit from the properties of the individual gemstones. Ready to just unwrap and wear.

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Citrine - Chunky Gemstone Pendant

Citrine is a lovely sunny crystal that lifts the spirits, also known as the 'Merchant Stone', it is a lovely crystal for wearing when you want to improve business.

A lovely, natural pendant.

Product Code: CNK002681

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Red Jasper - Chunky Gemstone Pendant

Known as 'The Nurturer' as it supports during times of extreme stress. It encourages feelings of relaxation, contentment, mothering and nurturing and compassion. A strong stone of protection, Red Jasper helps to cleanse and eliminate negative energy.

Product Code: JMK003062

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Rhodonite - Chunky Gemstone Pendant

Rhodonite is a pretty rasberry pink gemstone, that helps to reduce anxiety and improve self confidence. If you are getting a little forgetful, try this crystal as it is believed to improve the memory!

Product Code: JMK002997

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Sodalite - Chunky Gemstone Pendant

Sodalite is a wonderful stone for healing rifts in relationships, for promotiing clear thought and helping out will difficult decision making. This is a good size chunk of polished sodalite fitted with cotton thong.

Product Code: JMK002999

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Tigers Eye - Chunky Gemstone Pendant

Tigers Eye: Offers pain relief, bleieved to assist the healing of broken bones, soothes inner conflict and gathers scattered thoughts. Relieves symptoms of depression and lifts dark moods.
Large pieces of polished Tigers eye, drilled to take 2mm Cotton thong.

Product Code: JMK003000

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Moonstone - Chunky Gemstone Pendant

Nice size piece of natural Moonstone, drilled to take a 2mm leather thong. A nice way to enjoy the properites of this lovely gemstone. Moonstone is the stone of the Goddess. It is traditionally associated with intuition, feelings, the heart and fertility.

Product Code: JWL001054

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Pink Agate - Chunky Gemstone Pendant

An attractive way to wear crystals next to the skin. Fully adjustable to suit your own taste.

Agate:A soothing and calming stone that brings great strength. It helps you learn to accept yourself, and with that comes greater self-confidence. It aids mental function and enhances concentration, perception and analytical abilities. PINK AGATE: As well as having all the attributes of Agate, pink agate is believed to be especially helpful in forming bonds bewteen parent and child.

Product Code: CNK005793

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