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Sacred Wood Correspondence

The energies of sacred trees has been drawn on since ancient times, to enhance magic, used as talisman and carried in charm bags.  Harness the energies of the sacred woods to help you in your magical workings.


Alder - Believed to be the tree of the fairies and sprites according to ancient folklore.  Sitting or standing under an Elder tree whilst meditating is believed to increase psychic ability.

Beech - According to ancient Folklore, growing a beech tree in your garden will bring both emotional and financial prosperity.  Touch a beech tree to draw on the prosperous  energies it holds. Place a bowl of beech nuts in the wealth corner of the home to encourage financial gain, carve your wishes on a beech stick and bury the stick to encourage the wishes to come true.  Carry the wood or leaves to enhance creativity. 

Birch - Believed to be partnered with the Oak.  Where the beech grows, the oak will be close by.  According to Folklore, keeping birch leaves in a pocket or charm bag will attract true love. Burn the wood for purification. It is believed that touching something possessed by evil spirits with Birch, will cause the spirits to leave.

Cedar - The tree of strength.  Connect with a cedar tree to draw on it's energies for inner strength.  Burn Cedar wood in incense for purification, carry cedar in the purse, or keep in a till to draw money.

Cherry - Despite it's beauty, the cherry is believed to have a bad effect on relationships.  According to folklore, a cherry tree growing in the garden will cause will indicate stormy relationships, and the blossom bought into the house before May will create arguments.  It is however, a good tree for financial stability.

Chestnut - The chestnut has strong love and loyalty energies.  Keep them in the home to stop a partner from straying.

Elder - The Goddess tree.  Believed to add potency all magical workings - especially those concerning Lunar energies.  Place elder berries under the pillow for a peaceful sleep,  hang elder over doorways and windows to ward off evil, carry elder berries to protect from negative energies.  Grow Elder in the garden to protect the household from sorcery. It is considered very bad luck to burn Elder.

Elm - Carry elm leaves to increase self-esteem and confidence and to attract love.

Hawthorn - Strongly associated with fertility, the hawthorn was often used decorate May poles and incorporated into handfasting blessings and Spring rituals.  Carried, the hawthorn is believed to bring happiness and often used in healing magic to overcome depression and sadness.  Sacred to the Fairies, hawthorn is often used in Fey magic.

Holly - The Guardian.  Grow holly in the garden to ward off evil spirits, lightning damage and to offer protection against evil spirits.   Holly is believed to attract love, and hung around the home at Yule for good luck during the coming year.  Infused or distilled, holly water was used by our ancestors to sprinkle of the heads of newborns to offer protection.

Oak - The sacred tree of the Druids, the wood is often carved into amulets and talismans.  The oak wood is carried to protect the bearer from harm.  Carry an acorn to encourage fertility, carry the wood to draw luck to you, use in rituals concerning endurance.

Rowan (Mountain Ash) - Carrying, or adding Rowan leaves to incense, is believed to increase psychic powers, carrying the berries is believed to speed up recuperation after illness and are often used in healing spells and sachets.   Two Rowan twigs tied together with red thread, to form a cross shape is often used a protection amulet.  Rowan trees are believed to flourish on land made sacred by Druids.

Walnut - Draw on the Walnut tree energies for wisdom and fertility

Willow - Sacred to the Moon Goddess, connect with the willow to receive her blessings.  Willow is often used in healing magic and the wood made into wands dedicated to lunar magic.  Traditionally, witches brooms or magical brooms are bound with willow bark.

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A L S - 09/07/2014
Hi Pagan Dreams, I've just received my first order from you. My cloak is fantastic, I love it. Also it arrived within 24 hours :) Will definitely shop again. Blessed Be
C - 19/06/2014
hi all at pagan dreams :) <3 i am writing to say THANKYOU so much ! after searching for days in local towns & having an order with another company cancelled also due to items being out of stock, i found pagan dreams & telephoned for clarity, assured by u i requested delivery of some items that i need! i am absolutely delighted & relieved to have received my parcel already this morning, less than 24hrs, leaving me more relaxed to enjoy the rest of this day :) thanku soo much, at this time the red sandlewood incence is burning & has filled my home beautifully assuring quality also :) thanku <3 i surely will return here to pagan dreams in the near & far future :) blessed be all <3 <3 <3
J C - 15/06/2014
when I read 'spread a little happiness' it resonated - a very good shopping experience - forgot my password, nothing new these days and got a prompt new password and frankincense resin back in stock, I'm happy. By the way, I really like the concept of the litha joint celebration :)
M R - 14/06/2014
exellent site
R R - 13/06/2014
Your site is clean, fresh and has everything I was looking for, personally, great guides and links to things I was actually interested in. Reassuring to have the phone number to hand to get in touch with someone! But the only criticism I have, is that there's an awful lot of 'sold out' items on display, but then again it hints at the site being popular, and has made me want to keep an eye out for future sales, so I wouldn't change that exactly, but maybe have some close alternatives to look at? so overall It's a great site! :)
P W - 12/06/2014
Some of the first oils I ever purchased are still in use - they are quality oils and very effective I need the products ordered today and would much appreciate a "hastened" despatch - I shall be writing you Cally today with the promised excellent news - and an uncommon story - Wise and Blessed be
M J J - 12/06/2014
You always have a very good selection of items for sale, And the service is always excellent.
S A - 12/06/2014
I love this site.
A G - 11/06/2014
I found this site by accident just searching for some tools and I've fallen in love with and it's products. Definitely going onto my favorites bar. :)
S I - 11/06/2014
Still loving what you do guys!

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