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Solstices and Equinoxes


Here are the times of the Solstices and Equinoxes until 2020.

          Equinox         Solstice        Equinox         Solstice

Year     Date   Time     Date   Time     Date   Time     Date   Time

             d  h  m         d  h  m         d  h  m         d  h  m

2011    Mar 20 23:21    Jun 21 17:16    Sep 23  9:05    Dec 22  5:30

2012    Mar 20  5:14    Jun 20 23:09    Sep 22 14:49    Dec 21 11:12

2013    Mar 20 11:02    Jun 21  5:04    Sep 22 20:44    Dec 21 17:11

2014    Mar 20 16:57    Jun 21 10:51    Sep 23  2:29    Dec 21 23:03

2015    Mar 20 22:45    Jun 21 16:38    Sep 23  8:20    Dec 22  4:48

2016    Mar 20  4:30    Jun 20 22:34    Sep 22 14:21    Dec 21 10:44

2017    Mar 20 10:29    Jun 21  4:24    Sep 22 20:02    Dec 21 16:28

2018    Mar 20 16:15    Jun 21 10:07    Sep 23  1:54    Dec 21 22:23

2019    Mar 20 21:58    Jun 21 15:54    Sep 23  7:50    Dec 22  4:19

2020    Mar 20  3:50    Jun 20 21:44    Sep 22 13:31    Dec 21 10:02

The Solstices and Equinoxes are physical events that occur when the Earth is in specific positions on it's annual journey around the sun. To all intents and purposes, they occur instantaneously for everyone and the times in the above table are given to the nearest minute. There has to be a common point of reference so all times are given as Universal Time which is effectively Greenwich Mean Time (not corrected for summer Time).

NB: These are the actual times the solstices and equinoxes occur so if you are in a different time zone, you will need to add or subtract your time zone difference from Greenwich to the time given in the table and where necessary also correct for summer time in order to find what your local time will be when a particular event occurs.

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V - 30/07/2014
Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the products I recently ordered. I'm completely in love with the wood goddess statue, it feels so warm and tingly in my hands and looks beautiful too. The altar disc with pentacle and triple moon is beautifully crafted and a real complement to my alter. Lastly, I bought a black stone bowl and it's completely perfect. It's a solid weight and great to use for offerings or for scrying. Thanks for timely delivery, safe packaging and gorgeous products. Blessings,
J CC - 22/07/2014
I prefer to shop online as in my usual metaphysical store I receive giggles and strange looks from the staff, it's nice to be able to find most of what Im looking for in one place than be searching through multiple sites for various items.
T S - 20/07/2014
I found the site easily and found it so tempting that I will definitely be back.
M H - 18/07/2014
Enjoy your site lots of variety keep up the good work
S F - 16/07/2014
Very impressed with all products; would you consider stocking wooden boxes for crystals, tarot cards etc.
M M - 15/07/2014
Fab as ever!
C T - 14/07/2014
Great site. Great collection. Happy Pagan :)
S B - 14/07/2014
Love your site. Pity I didn't have more money to spend, will have to buy a wealth charm.
C P - 11/07/2014
Everything was excellent. Really impressed with your site and availability. All perfect. There was only one item I was after which I you didn't stock and that was myrtle, but otherwise all brilliant. Thank you.
A L S - 09/07/2014
Hi Pagan Dreams, I've just received my first order from you. My cloak is fantastic, I love it. Also it arrived within 24 hours :) Will definitely shop again. Blessed Be

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