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Archangel Spell for a Specific Amount of Money

Archangel  Spell for a Specific Amount of Money

(Perform this spell on a Wednesday on a waxing moon)

You will need:

1 Small Green  Candle

A small piece of paper

A pen or quill and ink

A small length of gold thread or ribbon

1 Aventurine crystal

Fast Money anointing oil (Optional)


Cleanse the candle with spring water (Bottled is fine). Dip your fingers in the spring water, shake off the excess and stroke the candle from base to tip repeating the words:
'I cleanse this candle of all negative energies
And make it pure for the work ahead'

Light the candle and as the flame burns brightly, write the exact amount of money you need on the piece of paper - remember, it is what you NEED, not what you would like!

Once you have done that, repeat the words

'Oh Raphael please hear my plea

and send (State the amount written on the paper) along to me

I ask it as I am in great need

 may it be sent to me with speed.

and it harm none, so mote it be'.

Anoint the paper with Fast Money oil if you are using it, then place the piece of aventurine on the paper and roll the paper shut - towards you.


Tie the roll shut with the gold thread or ribbon and when the candle has burned itself out, take the roll and place it in your money box, purse, with your cheque book aor anywhere else that represents money.

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