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Jewellery Making Supplies

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Making your own jewellery means you can create something unique, individual to your own style and be sure that no-one else be wearing the same thing! Whether you want to create a piece of jewellery to co-ordinate with an outfit, or to incorporate charms that have meaning to you, or simply for the fun of it - we have everything you need. From tools to stringing materials, beading mats and boards to storage boxes right down to jewellery presentation boxes if your creation is for a gift.

The world is your oyster as far as beads go, with a rainbow of colours to choose from and a dizzying array of sizes and shapes, we should have something that is just right for your needs. If you prefer to work with natural products, then we have a range of wooden beads, from brightly coloured round beads to natural palm wood square beads. For something that sparkles, then look no further than the faceted glass beads. To add extra interest, why not check out the metal spacer beads, in a host of finishes from cobbled to cute ladybirds.

To give your jewellery a professional finish, we have everything from lobster clasps to crimp beads, to jump rings and T bars - not forgetting ear wires in a variety of shapes.

So whether you are making a necklace, pendant, earrings or bracelet, we have everything you need to produce a unique piece of jewellery that will delight and be the envy of your friends.


Pandora jewellery is the birth child of Per and Winnie Enevoldsen.  With a long history in the fine jewellery market, their company launched a fresh new design for customizable charm bracelets.  The fine craftsmanship and quality of their beads took the world by storm and they were soon offering  beads encrusted with gems, in precious metals, stopper beads and charms.  

Beautiful as they are, genuine Pandora beads carry a high price tag, but the popularity of the style prompted a new market in look-a-likes.  These beads are readily available to the general populace, and the versatility and sheer volume of designs mean they can be mix and matched and swapped around to accessorise any outfit quickly and easily.  Whatever your mood, there's a bead to suit. 

Typically, the Pandora style system uses large hole beads, with or without metal cuffs.  The original bracelets were a thick, snake chain design, but now extend to leather, cord and even ribbon.


Some of the metal bracelets have special areas with a screw thread, spaced along the length.  The normal beads pass over these areas freely, but the beads tend to 'clump' in one place unless you fill the entire chain. 

To keep the beads more evenly spaced, 'stopper beads' were created.  The 'stopper beads' have an internal screw thread which can be moved to the special areas on the chain, twisted so they screw into place and hold their position. 


To reach the far end of the bracelet, simply screw them over the special areas until you reach the place you want the bead to stop.  Thread the next section of beads onto the bracelet and then use another 'stopper bead' to keep the beads in that section.


To add an extra dimension to the bracelet, charm hanger beads were created.  These beads have a small 'loop' on the outer edge, so by using a jump ring or clip, charms of all kinds can be easily attached. 


To add interest, and break up blocks of colour, metal spacer beads look stunning.  They are available in so many varieties today, you are spoilt for choice.  You might like to work on a theme, perhaps angels, animals, insects or flowers, sparklies or simply mix them all up.
The combinations are limited only by your imagination and of course, your stash of beads! So have fun - mix them, match them, compliment your outfits, or just be outrageous, but above all - enjoy them!


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