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Incense and Accessories

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Incense, (from the Latin meaning "to burn"), is composed of various aromatic plant materials, which release a fragrant smoke when burned or heated. The term "incense" refers to the substance itself, rather than any fragrance it produces. Incense is used in many religious ceremonies and for ritual purification, aromatherapy, meditation, creating a mood and also simply for masking unpleasant smells.

The use of incense seems to have originated in Ancient Egypt, where the resins of various aromatic trees were imported from what is now Arabia and Somalia to be used in religious ceremonies. We sell several different varieties of pure Incense resins which can be burned in isolation or mixed with a range of herbs and spices for a particular ceremonial purposes.

Modern stick incense is composed of aromatic plant materials, often combined with essential oils and used to coat thin wooden tapers. It can also be formed into cones shapes and both stick and cone incense can be burned independently of a separate heat source. The ranges we supply contain some truely amazing fragrances and if you have never tried them, it is well worth the effort.

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