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Magical Herbs, Blends and Accessories

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Herbs have been used since the dawn of time. Early man drew on the healing properties of herbs for medicinal purposes, the sweet fragrance of flowers and herbs to purify and refresh their homes and the magical properties to add power to their spell crafting.

Herbs are a fundamental ingredient to the modern witch and pagan. Each herb has it's own unique energy, this energy is harnessed and used to add power and potency to rituals and spell weaving. Many of them are found growing around you, or readily available in supermarkets. You don't need to look far for basil, sage, bay leaves, cinnamon, dill, mint or cloves, but you may find it more difficult to obtain devil's shoestring, mistletoe or oak bark.

In this section we have all the common herbs alongside the more specialist. So whether you are looking for a herb for wealth. love, healing, protection, psychic enhancement or simply to aid your meditation - we should have something to aid you in your quest.

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