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Herbs - Magickal



Magical Herbs and powders for ritual use. Use the essence of nature to enhance your magical workings, in ritual baths or to add to poppets, sachets, for burning in incense or for healing the spirit. Mother nature has provided all you need for love, prosperity, protection, wealth, healing psychic work or simple relaxation. Tune in to the rhythms of our planet by using her bounty. All the herbs and powders we sell are intended for ritual / spellcraft use only. They are not sold for any form of medicinal use and even though some of the herbs are well known culinary varieties you cannot assume they are of a culinary grade and so should not under any circumstances ingest them in any form or by any means. Under the 1968 Medicines Act we are forbidden offer any advice on the medicinal use of herbs or herbal preparations and we accept no liability for how you use any herb you buy from us.

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Agrimony (25g) - Magical Herb

Agrimony The magical uses of agrimony include:elimination of negative energy and spirits. It is used in protection spells and sachets.Not only does it break hexes, it also returns them to sender.

Product Code: HRB001318

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Barberry Bark (25g)

Barberry is a very protective plant. To protect the home from negative energies and evil, sprinkle around the perimeter of the house. Use in protection sachets to hang over the front door or in magical rituals and spell craft to attract luck, prosperity or power.

Product Code: HRB008162

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Basil (25g) - Magical Herb

Basil (Ocimum basilicum). Magical uses for Basil: Use in Love spells and sachets, to attract wealth, for protection and for exorsicm.

Product Code: HRB001233

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Bay (25g) - Magical Herb

Bay (Laurus nobilis). Magical uses for Bay Leaf: Burn with Sandalwood to remove curses, powerful purification and protection herb. Use in purification bathing prior to rituals. Burn during exorcism rituals.

Product Code: HRB001234

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Blackberry Leaf (25g) - Magical Herb

Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus) is associated with Brigid, the Goddess of healing. A poultice made from the leaves are believed to sooth minor burns.

Magically, blackberry is used for wealth and protection. Use in charm bags, floor washes, rituals concerning wealth, incense and ritual baths.

Product Code: HRB005344

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Blessed Thistle - Cut (25g) - Magical Herb

Blessed Thistle - magical uses: purification and hex breaking. Very good for ritual bathing.

Product Code: HRB001195

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Burdock Root - Cut (25g)

Burdock (Arcticum lappa) is used in spells for protection, purification, as a barrier agianst negativity, uncrossing and protection against others magic. Carry in a pouch or sachet, burn in incense or add to magical pot pourri.

Product Code: HRB004686

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Catnip - Cut (25g) - Magical Herb

Catnip. Magical uses: Love sachets, friendship, beauty, happiness and safe home.

Product Code: HRB001196

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Chamomile - Whole (25g) - Magical Herb

Chamomile (German - Matricaria recutita): Magical uses: Sprinkled around the home for protection and dispersal of curses, used in incense for meditation and to induce sleep, in spells to attract wealth and as a hand wash to encourage success with gambling.

Product Code: HRB001198

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Cinnamon Bark (Cut) 25g - Magical Herb

The magical uses for cinnamon are - increasing psychic power, healing, money drawing and protection. Cut cinnamon bark is ideal for using in sachets, infusions for floorwashes, incense or any spells concerning protection or finances.

Product Code: HRB004326

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